Almog Investigations

Almog Investigation Agency was founded in 1993 and has been managed by its owners Dror Almog and Moshe Edri ever since.
Dror and Moshe, both with vast experience in the investigations field, are members of the Israel Bureau of Private Investigators.
Almog Investigation Agency is active both in Israel and abroad, without limitation, using the most innovative and sophisticated equipment available.
In this modern age, reliable & readily available information make the difference. Almog private investigations bring you the information you need in an effective and discreet way, and in minimum time.

Surveillances, investigations and observations, using innovative technological equipment and methods.

General Investigations
Locating relevant information regarding real estate assets, property, vehicles, bank accounts, income sources, Third party clients & insurance policies

Private investigations
Matrimonial investigations using confidential Surveillances and tracking information in Israel and abroad.

Competitive intelligence
Services which collect and provide business information concerning your competitors, vendors, campaigns, promotions etc.


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